Okay, you don’t believe me, but it’s true.

All you have to do is ask.

If I have the time and the task is within my capabilities, it will be done.

Of course, there’s a catch. These days, I can’t work longer than a few minutes at a time before succumbing to exhaustion, so these activities take me a tad longer to complete.

I don’t work under pressure.

So now you believe me. I am a disabled wreck of a man who will probably never be fit enough for full time work again, but I do have a couple of brain cells which are not yet ready to give up.

If I can use them to help a fellow writer, I will.

For instance,

I do this for no charge whatsoever, because I believe we should all give what we are capable of giving, and one day, one of the authors I’ve helped will sell a million books and remember me with a great big cheque!

We can all dream!

In the meantime, some visitors to this site have expressed their wish to send me a gift. I have therefore been persuaded to include a PayPal button. A PayPal account isn’t needed, as donations can be made using a credit/debit card.

Please take a moment to look around..... Before you start though, there is something about me you ought to know.

I call it my raison d'être - my purpose or reason for being.

I am here with time to spare which I give freely to  support, help, advise or guide fellow writers and artists whenever and wherever I can.

Free = You don’t pay a penny!

The Gallery pages show you some of my paintings, many of which portray my passion for the ballet.

Creativity will take you to FanStory for my short stories and poems

So take your time, enjoy your visit and remember, if there is anything I can do to help you, just ask. If time and my health allows, consider it done.

Thank you for popping into my Website.

Here are some of my paintings. There are more paintings in oil, water colour and pastel on the gallery pages.



I guess I’m the same as all writers in that I want to know what my readers think about my work.

When you have finished reading one of my books, please consider leaving a few words in a review.

Fan Message Update: August  I’ve just had a disturbing exchange of Tweets on Twitter. I’m not sure about the legal implications of repeating tweets or naming names on my website, so let’s avoid any potential copyright infringements by just giving you the gist of what was said.

Since June, this section of the website has included this sentence:I’ve decided to end the free giveaways. Instead, I am pledging Five Pounds to the STROKE ASSOCIATION in the UK for every Amazon.co.uk five star review on my bio-novel “never say I can’t”

This guy said I was bribing for reviews and actually said a lot more besides. He accused me of being sensitive - well there I have to agree. I am sensitive – even hypersensitive, but after fighting my way back from three major strokes, a heart condition and cancer scare, as well as those annoying but frequent TIAs, I reckon I’m entitled to be sensitive, don’t you?

Anyway, if you want to read the tweets, they will soon be lost amongst a myriad of others.

I just find it strange that what I see as benefiting charity, someone else should see as a bribe. I have always insisted on honest, independent reviews for my books. I’m told my working days are done, so I devote my time and efforts to helping others in anyway I can. Forgive me for being sensitive or hyper sensitive, but this attack on my altruism today has left me in tears.

Whatever. I’ll get over it, and yes, I am still pledging Five Pounds to the STROKE ASSOCIATION in the UK for every Amazon.co.uk five star review on my bio-novel “never say I can’t” – I still want honest reviews – if you don’t think the book warrants five stars, then give it less. It won’t cost you anything to be honest.

I know I’m sensitive about these things. I’m a stroke victim, and hypersensitivity goes with the condition, so yes, I’ll still be around to give free  support, help, advice and guidance to other writers and artists wherever my limited abilities allow, but be patient for a day or two, being hypersensitive means  I just need a tad longer to recover, that’s all.

Thank you for all who supported us through  -

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Author, artist & poet.

“pulls you in from the first page”

Dennis Sheehan (Author)